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Direct Mail Advertising

There is one type of old style market that is effective and that is direct mail. Kimnat publishes The Flyer Alliance that is mailed out every month by direct mail to 17500 local households. This flyer is a great resource for our local small business community being affordable and effective at targeting their particular service area. If you supply local plumbing, electrical or any boots on the ground local service you want to get your message in front of your local market. Direct mail does that effectively. Here at Kimnat we can help you develop your own flyer including designing, printing and mailing it to your own postal codes. A regular flyer in your area is something you can sell advertising in to support the costs similar to what we do with our own flyer. Contact us if you wish to advertise in our local flyer or if you wish to publish your own. You can check out the Flyer Alliance on line here

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