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Kimnat Internet and Print started some 20 years ago when we purchased the company that published the Flyer Alliance so we could continue to promote Hants Realty's listings by direct mail and continue to offer an affordable effective advertising medium for local small business owners.

Our main goal at that time was to help our main client Hants Realty Limited promote their business in the local area and hopefully garner advertising support from other local business owners to make Kimnat a viable stand alone business within our group of companies.

As we begin 2020 I want to sincerely Thank all our advertisers for helping Kimnat Internet and Print become a successful business during what has been a tough business environment over the past 12 years which started with the financial crisis in 2008. I also want to recognize Kimberly Mosdell whose work ethic, graphic design skills and amazing grasp of new technology has made Kimnat the success it is today. Almost single handedly she has managed to design, create, produce all the adds, print, publish and mail 17,500 copies of the Flyer Alliance out each and every month along with providing excellent service to our customers needs with business cards, signs, banners, printing and vinyl lettering. We have managed through digital marketing to keep Hants Realty Limited consistently ranked #1 on social media in Canada's real estate industry according to Mondinion.

Nobody can deny the power of the internet and social media in today's society. Over the last 10 years Kimnat has helped Hants Realty Limited reduce a $60,000 annual or $5000 monthly advertising budget to less than $12,000 annually or $1,000 monthly. Through digital marketing and The Flyer Alliance. All the While reducing our costs while we increased our revenue and our profits at Hants Realty Limited. This in turn helped us reinvest in our communities locally. Our proven system can work in any community for any business. We are not internet gurus far from it. We are street smart business owners who have a tried and tested business marketing system that works and we've proven it to ourselves. In business it's not what you make that counts ! It's what you keep that counts ! In 2020 we will be offering this marketing system to our customers. If you are a business owner and want to improve your bottom line contact us. We know we can help.

Happy New Year

Kimnat Internet and Print.

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