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How is Your Business Surviving Covid-19 ?

Surviving Covid

Hopefully you haven't been forced to close. Here at Kimnat we stopped publishing our monthly Flyer Alliance and our staff have been working at home while having once weekly meetings to determine our path forward. We have been working diligently to come up with a smoother way for our customers and fellow business owners adjust to the "New Normal" although exactly what that is cannot be truly defined. Each unique business is experiencing it's own unique challenges as is each industry.

Although we have always offered digital marketing services we realize the "New Normal" for every business is going to be an enhanced digital presence. When people stop coming through your doors business survival is going to hinge on your business going to the people. The way you do that today is by digital marketing and all the complications that come with it. So here is what we have been working on. We knew we had to up our game in the digital marketing experience. The way to do that was to make that experience easier and less costly for our customers and fellow business owners. So we partnered with the best in the business to help us do that. In the next few weeks we will be offering a free analysis of your business profile. We will be able to send you a free dash board where you can log on track your profile and order any digital service your business needs. All you have to do to receive this free analysis

and access to your dash board is send an email to and when we launch our new service you will be one of the first to gain access. Recognizing the difficult times many of us are facing we will be offering several services for free that you will be able to access from your own dash board. This dash board will be for your business where you or your person in charge of marketing will be able to manage your entire on line presence with free support at anytime.

To our Flyer Alliance customers and readers we have had many discussions about how to move forward one being moving the flyer on line with a printed edition available by subscription. We could use your help here. Our costs for mailing have gone through the roof and at a time when other print media have been struggling we have experienced the same problems. We need you to email us any suggestions or thoughts one being would you be willing to pay for a subscription and what would that be worth to you? Any help or advice would be appreciated same email or mail PO Box 58 Stewiacke B0N2J0. In closing our business thankfully has survived and we are hoping our new and improved digital marketing ability will be able to help your business prosper through what could be difficult days ahead.

Thanks Stay Safe and God Bless

Kimnat Internet and Print

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