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Covid Update

Well here it is fall 2020 and we are still fighting the pandemic. Our flyer is still not being published and we have closed Bluenose Mercantile for now and rented the building . The new occupants will be running a buy and sell so we ask our customers to support them. Bluenose will re emerge after we get this pandemic behind us. Our saving grace has been our real estate business. Business is booming and we are focusing all our resources on trying to handle the volume of business we are experiencing. The pandemic has been a paradox for the business world as demand has soared in some areas and basically stalled in others. We have built a new website for Kimnat and have a dash board where you can order our on line services for your small business. Check it out by clicking the link below

We are hoping this new line store will help all our fellow small business owners move to on line marketing as the pandemic has made us realize how essential on line marketing is. Our on line marketing has helped our real estate business become number one in Canada on social media and we have the expertise developed by trial and error to help your business succeed on line. Call or email us for a free consultation or help with any of your marketing needs. In closing keep the faith and don't give up and remember #NovaScotiaStrong #Together.

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