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It's The Journey Not The Destination

So how old are you ? How many years have you lived ? I mean lived not just existed ? We are led to believe through most of our life that there is some kind of pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Thinking that; we strive and struggle to reach that elusive pot of gold that will bring us happiness and contentment.

We are advised to learn and be educated absorbing thousands of hours of mainly useless facts and information that we may never use again. I'm not knocking knowledge but there's a big difference between knowledge and useless information. You see the most exciting part of life is taking the time to live it. We all have the same earthly destination which is the death of our physical body. So we start off by being born into circumstances we have no choice or control over and in many cases that's our biggest challenge just overcoming those circumstances.

Don't misunderstand me. I believe in goal setting and hard work but the goal is just a stepping stone we work towards. The real joy in life is the effort it takes and the accomplishments we achieve along the way with our efforts directed towards helping others in their daily lives. Working at something that helps others reach their goals. Helping your family and loved ones reach their goals. The memories we make along the way. At the end of the day all those material things we strive for become a burden to be looked after and maintained. Paying it forward and being kind to another puts a warmth in your heart that money can't buy.

I know as I look back over my life those most precious moments with friends and family stand out and I cherish those memories yes even the struggles we overcame together. Nobody's family is perfect and we have no control over what somebody else does. As Jeff Foxworthy says "Don't worry everyone's family is crazy." I worked at everything I ever wanted to do from farming, working in the woods, truck driving, joined the air force, worked as a carpenter, under ground miner, operated some 20 different business ventures, sold real estate, appraised real estate, been a mortgage broker and insurance broker.

Life is an experience filled full of adventure and relationships with other people. It's about doing and enjoying. struggling and overcoming, resting and going again. It's not about retiring and doing nothing. It's about being able to retire and making the decision to pay it forward. Making each day a new adventure and striving to accomplish something that improves life for the people around you. Time is precious and can't be bought use it wisely and enjoy your journey. Remember every day above ground is a good one. Die with memories not dreams

Thanks Stay Safe and God Bless


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